Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The preparation for dinner

Ann was particularly thrilled yesterday after school when she learned that we would have a guest from the US coming over for dinner.  We had talked to Ann about Molley Chechie, who had been a great host to us when we travelled to the US and why we would never match her wonderful hospitality. 

On the way back, Emili mentioned that we would not cook anything at home as we would be late after Ann’s guitar lessons.  Ann instantly grabbed the opportunity and assured me that we wouldn't be embarrassed if we leave the details of the party to her.  She added, “I know that you are not confident because you don’t trust me.”   “I have eaten more stuff from the restaurants in Kottayam than you, so would you let me choose the menu for today’s dinner?”  

Without waiting for our consent, she immediately started with the dessert, and suggested ‘Skillet’, her favourite place for pastries, cheese rolls, tarts and cakes.  

“Are you crazy?” Emili reacted sharply.  “I didn't ask you to order the dinner for you.”

I intervened before more emotions were let loose, “Would you be quiet for a moment.”   

I knew how intolerant Emili was to Ann’s subtle schemes to enjoy her savoury delights.  Before Ann could suggest places like KFC or Pizza Max in Kanjikuzhi, we stopped the car at the Barbecue Inn, long after Ann had rolled out of Amma’s lap to the backseat.

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